For over 25 years we have designed our gear with a focus on adventure and the love of the outdoors.

Born in New Zealand, Ridgeline launched as a specialist outdoor clothing brand in 1994, with our very first range release in March/April issue of Guns and Hunting magazine.

In the early years our brand achieved a high level of recognition, providing functional gear to the New Zealand hunting and rural markets, and over the coming years grew into one of the market leading brands in Australasia, and now further afield across Europe.

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to take you further on that next adventure. We do that with extensive research and development, field testing in various terrain and conditions enabling us to create ground-breaking products that are purpose built, focusing on functional performance using latest fabric technology, and most importantly a focus on sustainability.

We believe adventure is the ultimate educator, and that’s why everyone from our in-house team to brand ambassadors share the passion for outdoor adventure.

Ridgeline is continually evolving and as the demand of people’s aspirations change, then so should ours. Our commitment to providing outdoor gear that is tough, hard wearing and fit for purpose continues, and so does the commitment to ensure it represents great value for money.

But we must also look at the way this impacts the very environment that many of us depend on for a living. We must respect that environment and ensure we take every opportunity we can to lessen our impact on the natural world. Ridgeline is 100% committed to evolving the brand using recycled fabric technologies together with using recyclable packaging to deliver the products.

We will be striving to deliver all of the products and garments in recyclable packaging. We will also be using Repreve™ fabrics which is made from recycled plastic bottles on as many of the soft garments as physically possible. A programme of development and a quest to find new technology to help us deliver more sustainable products will continue until we are satisfied that we have done everything possible to reach this goal.

Since our inception in 1994, the reputation of the Ridgeline brand for producing outdoor gear that really works has spread far and wide. Our long-standing ethos of warmth, comfort, durability and functionality is the basis of all development and improvement within our clothing styles and outdoor products, resulting in garments, accessories and footwear that offer outstanding performance when you need them to. 

During the evolution of the brand, we have listened to customer feedback and taken advice from retail and outdoor professionals, to best develop products that are reliable and robust in the field. However, the biggest lesson we have learned is to be ourselves and draw on our New Zealand heritage to bring our unique style of outdoors gear to you. 

We are still learning and our thirst for knowledge and hunger for improvement will bring exciting new styles, improved fabrics, better technical functionality and more importantly, a greater focus on sustainability. 

We are the custodians of this wonderful planet and Ridgeline is committed to keep investigating and investing in reducing its impact on the planet – 100% and guaranteed.